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Welcome! It's a pleasure to have you on my website.

Ameretat Creations' meticulously handcrafted products radiate with liveliness and individuality. Each creation, perfect in its imperfections, is a masterpiece. From jewelry and accessories meant to be worn as daily works of art to unique home decor items and paintings, these artifacts bring joy to your everyday life.

Ameretat Creations specializes in intricately designed and exquisitely handcrafted jewelry, primarily crafted from cold porcelain and various clay types. Within the collection, you'll discover not only jewelry but also decorative home accessories, unique fridge magnets, and realism oil paintings.


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How the magic happens:


The clay dough is crafted by hand from scratch to achieve the perfect consistency. It is then blended with various vibrant colors, ensuring a dynamic and colorful palette. This detailedly process results in long-lasting, fade-resistant colors, providing a superior quality that won't easily fade. Now, the dough is ready to be molded and shaped by hand or cut with modern and contemporary style cutters.

Ameretat's work constantly evolves, drawing inspiration from Middle Eastern and Indian cultures. Ameretat, named after the Zoroastrian deity symbolizing immortality, represents a long and joyful life both on earth and in the afterlife. This is exactly what I aim for! Your eternal smile and joy ♡♡♡♡

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