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Hello! Pleasure meeting you here.​

Ameretat handmade Jewellery and Accessories are lively and unique, these artworks are perfect in their imperfections, they are made to be used daily, the piece of art that can be worn, to bring joy to everyday life.


Ameretat work consists of Very detailed and elegant handcrafted jewellery, mostly made out of cold porcelain, or other forms of clays. You can also find Decorative Home Accessories, Small Jewellery Plates; Incense sticks Holder, unique Fridge Magnets & Paintings.

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Untitled design (2).jpg

The clay dough is handmade in our small home studio from scratch to the perfect consistency, then the dough blended and mixed with different colours, This keeps the work dynamic and colourful, it provides a better quality of more lasting colours that won't fade easily. Now the dough is ready to be moulded and shaped with hand, or are hand-cut with cutters in modern & contemporary style.

Ameretat work is evolving frequently and it is influenced by Middle Eastern & Indian Culture.

Ameretat is the name of the Zoroastrian divinity indicates immortality is a symbol of long life on earth and perpetuity in the hereafter. That is exactly what we aim for! Your eternal smile and joy  ♡♡♡♡

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