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Shirin Sherkat 

designer jewellery
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As a self-taught artist, my work is deeply influenced by nature. The vibrant colors and exciting environments of the world fuel a perpetual passion within me to design and create. The energy and beauty of crystals drive me to the edge of artistic fervor, while my love for flowers, plants, animals, and the radiant universe motivates me to blend diverse ideas and designs, resulting in unique artwork.

I frequently experiment with colors and materials, shaping them into various forms and styles. Working with different types of clays, I combine ancient techniques with contemporary methods, fostering rapid evolution in my creations. In the process of creation, I transcend reality, entering a beautiful vortex where time loses its meaning.

Everything in my shop is meticulously crafted by my hands, infused with my love and passion. My dream is to contribute to a world brimming with love, happiness, and smiles through my creations.

I am dedicated to providing my best products and services. I welcome your feedback and comments, as they inspire me to improve and continue my work.

It brings me immense joy to be a part of this creative journey. From my heart to yours, with love! ♡♡♡♡

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