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Shirin Sherkat 

designer jewellery
handmade home decor bangalore
handmade jewellery bangalore
handmade hair accessories bangalore
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Being a self-taught artist, Nature is a huge influence in my work when I look at this beautiful world and its colourful and exciting environment, I feel this never-ending fire in my heart to design and to create even more.

The energy of crystals, their beauties and their shines makes me beautifully insane, my love for flowers, plants, animals and this radiant universe always drives me to blend different ideas and designs to create unique Artwork. I regularly experiment with colours & materials to create different shapes and styles. It's a great pleasure in working with different types of clays, using old techniques which is from ancient times as well as adding new methods that it keeps evolving rapidly. When I create I feel out of this world and enter my own beautiful vortex where I don’t realise how time works.


Everything you see in my shop is crafted by me and filled with my love and passion. My dream is for a world full of love and happiness and smiles, and I hope I can have a small contribution through my creations.


I certainly provide my best products and service for you, so please let me hear your Feedback and Comments that I can improve and get encouragement on my work.


It is a great pleasure being here. From My Heart to Yours! ♡♡♡♡

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