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Turkman’s Wedding Ceremony| Oil Painting | Cultural ,Tribal Painting

Turkman’s Wedding Ceremony| Oil Painting | Cultural ,Tribal Painting

Oil painting "Turkman’s Wedding Ceremony" portraits the wedding culture of Turkman’s Tribe in Iran the bride and people around, musical instrument they play and their clothes and the heavy jewellery they wear, their unique dance moves, it tells you the complete story of a traditional wedding among Torkman's Tribe.

This rare painting is one of the kind and there is no other copy of this.

Outstanding, self-taught Persian Artist and Teacher (Jacob Sherkat).

Oil Painting,
Stretched Canvas,
Dimention: 80 X 100 centimetres,
Style: Cultural Paintings, Tribal Painting, Realism Art, Realism Painting

You can also buy this painting as a stand-alone art or as a collection of a series of paintings which showcases different tribes from Iran with their tradition and cultural activities. please note that if you would like to have the entire collection you will be receiving a 20% discount on the Total Price. to place an order for an entire collection please contact me.

    • Height: 80 centimeters

    • Width: 100 centimeters

    • Hand Painted 

    • Vintage Before 2000

    • Materials: Oil Colours 

    • Surface: Stretched canvas

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