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Jacob Sherkat

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From Tabriz, born in May 1328, he was raised on Manouchehri Street, District 2, Tehran. At the time Manouchehri St. was the centre for the stock exchange of gallery owners and the centre for buying and selling arts, especially paintings. 


Being born and living in this neighbourhood was the reason behind his interest in art and painting. His artwork started when he was 5 years old. As he recalls, he used to colour black and white photos, resulting in spoiling many memorable family photos; but that's how it goes when you live in surroundings like that.

During school, starting the fifth grade onwards, he started drawing caricatures of family and friends, and for sure, since the drawings were not anything similar to the real-life portrait of them he received many critics and comments, which was in return having a huge influence in his learning and perfecting his art as an illustrator. After his significant progress in painting, he started showcasing his work on the school wall dedicated to arts and paintings his work were relatively successful and liked by many in his school.

Afterwards, adult life started. With having a full-time job, painting became a dream for retirement days. But at the age of 31, his love for art grow again, and Since life responsibilities did not allow him to attend any art or painting academy, he followed the self-teaching method by reading art magazines, studying paintings closely wherever and whenever possible.

Meanwhile with establishing his own successful International Travel and Tourism organization (Sogol Tehran), provided many opportunities for him to Travel across the Globe. These trips opened many doors of possibilities for him to continue his self-teaching through visuals and research on many famous artists around the world, especially the immortal work of great artist Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa at the Louvre in France and the sculpture by Michelangelo at the St. Petersburg Vatican in Rome, Italy. He got an opportunity to see Rembrandt paintings at his residence in Amsterdam. These encounters made him more passionate about art so he continued his research and study on many techniques through the internet.


To start, he began experimenting with watercolours and oil paintings, although he confesses that working with watercolours is easier and gives a better result in painting especially painting of famous Iranian art form of Miniature, he loves to work with oil paint because of the kind of gloss and vibrant colour it has, it gives him different satisfaction.

His paintings are not only well-liked by friends and relatives but are also very popular among all. This revolution from then until now is admirable.

As of now, he has dedicated his time to oil paintings on the memorable ceremonies of Iranian tribes and clans for the last 20 years. He believes that despite the existence of many writings about the strong and prolific culture of Iranians, the illustrations of such are very rare, and unfortunately, the writings without pictures cannot do enough justification in the way they should, to such traditions.

He painted these paintings using his memory as well as observing and studying the different cultures and traditions carefully and closely to leave a remarkable piece of art for the future generation.

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